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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4263
Contains highly detailed rear engine section including inspection cover for Airfix kit EE Canberra PR Mk.9. Canberra PR Mk.9 served in RAF as high altitude photo-reconnaissance aircraft since 1950s till 2006 when they were replaced...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7295
The set contains complete Napier Sabre Mk.II engine and its installation, engine bulkhead, bearers, oil tank, exhausts and covers. This British WW2 fighter made itself famous in a interceptor role against German fighter-bombers and also in ground attack sorties in the occupied France...
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Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBS72074
3D printed resin. Comes on printing supports which need to remove...
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Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBS72079
Includes cast resin cowling, intakes, exhausts and PE parts3D printed resin engine. Comes on printing supports which need to remove..
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Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBS72082
3D printed resin. Comes on printing supports which need to remove...
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Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBS48071
Contains complete engine+cowling and exhaust..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-Q48366
The Fiat RA.1050 RC-58 (DB 605) powerplant installed in the Reggiane Re.2005 airframes had a characteristic feature, its supercharger air intake mounted on the port side fuselage. In the kit, this part has to be modelled using two halves, now you are offered with a single-piece item, all you need to..
US$6.82 22 % OFF
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