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Scenics & Diorama

Brand: The Bodi Miniatures SKU: TB-WB005
Surface treated european wood..
US$4.76 28 % OFF
Brand: The Bodi Miniatures SKU: TB-WB006
Surface treated european wood..
US$4.76 28 % OFF
Brand: Rado Miniatures SKU: RDM35B02
2 part resin kit with 2 sets of stencils for French beverages adverts..
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV SC108
Section of a French village street, with a high level of detail in the texture of the side walls; the perfect setting for the placement of vehicles, as well as figures and accessories.Scenic Base supplied unpainted Scale 1/35 24x23x21 cm / 9.44x9.05x8.26 inchThis diorama base is made of resin...
US$41.75 18 % OFF
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-DP08
Set contains:- plastic sheet 135x200mm- self adhesive color sticker for quick use (no need to paint)- painting mask for own color design- clear transfer foil for easy mask application..
US$41.07 18 % OFF
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV SC102
This base, an improvised section of wooden planks, is a landing area for aircraft in 1/48 scale which also permits the placement of any type of vehicle in scale 1/35. The base has the texture of weathered wood, as well as an area of ground next to the wood surface. Scenic Base supplied unpainted, 31..
US$37.64 18 % OFF
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV SC103
A base for city environment which shows a cobblestone pavement with realistic details. The size of this street allows for the placement of the model of a tank, of various light vehicles or of a combination of models to create a complete scene. Scenic Base supplied unpainted, 31x21 cm / 12.20x8.26 in..
US$38.33 17 % OFF
Brand: ZLPLA SKU: ZL-SB-01
Introducing a new idea product by Tori Factory. The "Smart background" is the background paper of a new concept in sketchbook form. Thick hardboard paper is included, so you can use it standing up like a calendar. The size is also an A2 size that can be used in various models, a total size of 42 x 5..
US$52.71 17 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35105
Note: kit comes unassembled and unpaintedKey Features:-Base measures 16,5cmx11,8cm (WxD) and the column is 11,5cm high-Scale 1/35 to 75mm-Kit contains 2 highly detailed resin pieces and some dry grass tufts from our GreenLine series..
US$26.68 18 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35238
Note: kit comes unassembled and unpainted-This is a very detailed single casting of a large cobblestone road with sidewalks, tram lines, storm drains and manhole covers-Street measures 27,5 x 19,5cm-Scale 1/35 - 54mm-Master by Olav Smeets, painting by Jeroen Plettenberg-Vehicle, figures and accessor..
US$29.42 17 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35087
Note: kit comes unassembled and unpaintedKey Features: - Scale 54mm - 1/35 - Measures 29x21cm - Made of high quality resin- Road incorporates a manhole cover and a water channel on the sidewalk side- Road painted by Jeroen Plettenberg, figures and vehicle not included..
US$29.42 17 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35013
Key features:- Made of resin- Measures 12x8x1cm (LxDxH)- Scale 1/35- Master by Roy Schurgers..
US$13.67 18 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35033
Key Features:- Realistically damaged and worn sidewalk section- Sidewalk measures 28.5x6.7cm- Scale 1/35- Made from resin..
US$18.46 17 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35306
This street includes a separate sidewalk and manhole cover...
US$26.00 18 % OFF
Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35307
This kit includes special scatter, grass tufts and a separate manhole cover...
US$24.63 19 % OFF
Brand: Scale75 SKU: S75-SW35033
Complete diorama of the U69 turret in 1:35 scale More than 90 pieces in high quality resin 6 different characters of great realism, with their vintage scanned uniforms Maximum historical rigor in all the elements and details of the U69 Decals included Easy assembly for all types of modellers..
Brand: Black Dog SKU: BD-D72066
This is a resin model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required...
US$39.70 18 % OFF
Brand: Black Dog SKU: BD-D35126
unassembled and unpainted..
US$33.53 18 % OFF
Brand: Black Dog SKU: BD-D35125
unassembled and unpainted..
US$36.27 17 % OFF
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